Types of Aluminium Sliding Doors for Your Brisbane Home

aluminium sliding doors

If you are currently building a new house or renovating your Brisbane home, the types of external doors to install will be an important consideration. There are a number of types of aluminium sliding doors to choose from that are ideal for homes in SE Qld.

Standard aluminium sliding doors

One of the most common doors chosen by Queensland homeowners is the standard aluminium sliding door. These doors feature one sliding glass panel and one fixed glass panel of equal size. With this contemporary style of door, you can choose to have the sliding panel on either the left or the right.

While plenty large enough to let in loads of natural light and a nice cool summer breeze, being smaller and more rudimentary in design, standard sliding doors are a more cost-effective option for many homeowners. Sliding doors don’t consume a lot of space and they are a top choice for living rooms, balconies, patios and bedrooms.

Centre opening aluminium sliding doors

The centre opening aluminium sliding door is another popular choice for Brisbane homeowners. These doors feature one fixed glass panel at either end and can have one or two glass panels in the centre. Generally, around double the size of a standard aluminium sliding door, you’ll need more wall space to accommodate centre opening doors.

With a broad expanse of glass, centre opening aluminium sliding doors allow in plenty of natural light during the daytime, and with two sliding panels, you can really let that breeze in and bring the outdoors in. Ideal for living rooms, balconies and patio areas, the aluminium frames come in a variety of neutral colours to complement your decor.

Stacker aluminium sliding doors

Stacker aluminium sliding doors are similar in design to the standard sliding door. However, instead of one fixed panel and one sliding panel, stacker doors have two glass panels that slide open, stacking one on top of the other. This allows you to either partially or fully open the doors, and they don’t take up much of your interior space.

Usually being a bit larger than a standard sliding door, you will need a bigger wall space to accommodate the stacker sliding door. You also have the option to have them open to either the left or the right, depending on your requirements and home design. If you have a veranda, patio area, deck or balcony, stacker aluminium sliding doors are a top choice.

Centre opening stacker aluminium sliding doors

An upgrade from the regular stacker doors is the centre opening stacker aluminium sliding doors. With a total of six glass panels, there is one fixed panel at either end while two centre panels slide left and right. These doors are big and give a room a very spacious indoors/outdoors feel. This makes them ideal for opening out onto patios and barbecue areas.

Cool down in summer by opening the doors right up and letting that afternoon breeze waft through your home. With so much glass, centre opening stacker doors let in plenty of daylight, ensuring your home is both bright and airy. You’ll save money on your electricity bills by not having to run fans and air conditioners as often. These doors also look amazing and will enhance the overall appearance of your home.

More key features of sliding doors

  • You can fit security screens to all our sliding doors. Not only do screens provide an added layer of protection, but they also allow you to leave your doors open to let the breeze in at night but not the bugs.
  • Key lockable handles provide even more security. Lock up your sliding doors, remove the key and no one can get in or out. You can also add a bit more style to your doors with architectural handles.
  • There is also the option for double glazing, which helps maintain interior temperatures all year round and also reduces outside noise.
  • Need wheelchair access? Go for the low-profile sill option to make life easier.

Placement of aluminium sliding doors

You’ll need to think about the placement of your new sliding glass doors, whether they be standard, centre opening, or stacker doors. The idea is to maximise both natural light and airflow throughout your home. Consider the orientation of each room and the angle of the sun during the various seasons. Also, from which direction does the breeze most commonly blow?

Energy efficient

When you choose aluminium sliding doors designed with thermal breaks, you’ll save money on your power bills. Thermally efficient barriers guarantee a home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Add in some weather stripping for the frames and it’ll keep the rain out as well as moderating interior temperatures.

Double-glazed doors also keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. An additional benefit of double-glazing is the air pocket created between the glass acts as soundproofing. For even more UV protection and cost savings, consider window tinting.

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