Aluminium Bifold Windows

Discover the perfect blend of expansive views, seamless functionality, and contemporary style with aluminium bifold windows. Also known as concertina windows or folding windows, bifold windows redefine the concept of openness, by seamlessly merging your indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting your kitchen and living areas beautifully.

Bifold windows fully maximise openings, setting them apart from other windows that only slide open halfway or swing open to a fixed degree.

Whether serving as a stylish servery window or a conduit for refreshing breezes and natural light, aluminium bifold windows can be tailored to your preferences.  You can opt for single or dual stacking configuration and right or left opening, to achieve the exact style and functionality you need.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit residential properties.

Options include:

  • Glass: Clear, grey, dark grey, energy efficient (neutral, grey, green, blue), satinlite, cathedral, spotswood, matelux, white translucent laminate.
  • Style: Colonial bars can be added for a Hamptons look.
  • Performance: Choose double glazing to reduce noise and improve thermal retention.
  • Compliance: Meets relevant Australian standards and can be custom made to comply with special requirements, i.e. bushfire rating (BAL), cyclonic rating (C), wind rating (N) and acoustic rating (RW).
  • Noise: Reduce outside noise by incorporating a Sound Smart™ system.
  • Screening: Retractable screens can be installed. We can recommend a trusted and affordable screen company to supply these, as we do not offer this as a product.

We sometimes have factory second and second hand bifold windows in stock. For new - we will provide you with a competitive quote and have them made to order to suit your exact requirements.


These products are out of stock at present.

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Factory Seconds
Second Hand

Configuration Options

bifold window standard configuration


Click here to access the Queensland Aluminium Bifold Standard Sizes spec sheet.

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