Aluminium Hinged Doors

Sometimes known as French doors, our aluminium hinged doors deliver a timeless entryway for your home. With single and double door configurations available, they have the versatility necessary to suit your chosen context. Install them as a standalone feature, or combine them with fixed windows alongside and/or overhead for a stylish, light-maximising design.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit residential properties.

Options include:

  • Glass: clear, grey, dark grey, energy efficient (neutral, grey, green, blue), satinlite, cathedral, spotswood, matelux, white translucent laminate.
  • Style: full length glass, or colonial bars for a Hamptons look.
  • Compliance: meets relevant Australian Standard and can be custom made to comply with special requirements, i.e. Bushfire Rating (BAL), Cyclonic Rating, Wind Rating and Acoustic Rating (RW).
  • Performance: choose double glazing to reduce noise and improve thermal retention.
  • Noise: reduce outside noise by incorporating a Sound Smart™ system.
  • Screening: fly, diamond safety and stainless view screens can be supplied to suit our new sliding and stacking doors (hinged doors must open inwards to be screened).

We occasionally have factory second and ex-display hinged doors from time to time, but they are not very common. If we do, we’ll feature them here. We can provide competitive prices on new hinged doors made to your exact specifications.


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Second Hand

Configuration Options

hinged standard configurations


Click here to access the Queensland Hinged Doors Standard Sizes spec sheet.

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