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If you're thinking of getting a custom sized window/door made up, but aren't sure on the details needed for a quote, you'll find some tips that may help below.




All our window measurements are the frame size only and do not include fins or timber reveals. A window will have a timber reveal surrounding the whole frame, whereas a door will only have a timber reveal on the sides and top of the door.

Each reveal adds 19mm to the frame size of a window or door.

If your window is 1200h x 1210w and fit timber reveals, the window will measure 1238h x 1248w. Whereas, if you have a door that is 2100h x 1810w and fit timber reveals, the door will measure 2119h x 2148w.

To install these, you would need to make sure your stud opening is the correct size. For each reveal fitted, we recommend you add 25mm to the aluminium frame size.

If your window frame is 1200h x 1210w, then your stud opening should be 1250h x 1260w. If your door frame is 2100h x 1810w, then your stud opening should be 2125h x 1860w.




Check out our windows and doors pages for more information in regards to window configurations and sliding directions.




There are many varieties of glass that can be supplied with our windows and doors. 

Glass will come in 2 types, float and toughened. The majority of windows will have float glass whereas doors must have toughened glass. For any product in a wet room, the glass must be toughened glass. 

In some cases, windows will be installed directly behind a hotplate in a kitchen. In the event of this the glass must be 6mm T/G

Your options are as follows:

  • Clear
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Laminate
  • Double Glazed
  • Energy Efficient (Neutral, Grey, Green and Blue)


  • Satinlite
  • Cathedral
  • Spotswood
  • Matelux
  • White Translucent Laminate
timber reveal

Timber Reveals

Timber Reveals

Our standard sizes include:

  • 81mm (recommended to suit a 70mm stud with weatherboard cladding).
  • 98mm (recommended to suit a 90mm stud with weatherboard cladding).
  • 116mm (recommended to suit a 70mm stud with single brick veneer).
  • 138mm (recommended to suit a 90mm stud with single brick veneer).

These are our standard reveal sizes. We can have most sizes quoted if these sizes do not suit. If you are unsure of what size you need, it is best to discuss reveal sizes with your builder as they will be installing the window. If you are still unsure what size you require, it is best to go without reveals as they are readily available and straightforward to attach.

Reveals will add 38mm to the height and width of windows, but only 19mm to the height of sliding doors, and +38mm to the width of sliding doors.

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