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If you're thinking of getting a custom sized window/door made up, but aren't sure on the details needed for a quote, below are some tips that may help:


Our manufacturer reccommends having your opening size (the hole in your wall) 10mm larger than the finished size of the window/door you're fitting to allow a bit of play, although it is entirely up to you.

For example, for a window measuring 1200mm high x 1210mm wide without timber reveals (more on timber reveals below), the recommended opening size would be 1210mm high x 1220mm wide.

Timber reveals would add +40mm to both the height and width of the window; so for the above sized window with timber reveals attached, the finish size would be 1240mm high x 1250mm wide.

The recommended opening size would then be 1250mm high x 1260mm wide.

For a sliding door that measures 2100mm high x 1810mm wide without timber reveals, the opening size would be 2110mm high x 1820mm wide.

Timber reveals add +20mm to the height, and +40mm to the width of sliding doors.

So for the same sized door with timber reveals, the finish size would be 2120mm high x 1850mm wide, which means the recommended opening would measure 2130mm high x 1860mm wide.


Check out our windows and doors pages for more information in regards to window configurations and sliding directions.


Options include Clear, Obscure/Frosted, Grey tint (light tint), Solar Block (dark tint).

On top of these, you can also request toughened glass (TG. Sliding doors will automatically come with TG), or 6.38mm laminated glass.

There are various types of obscure/frosted glass, some of which we have samples of in store:

  • Screenview (this is the glass that comes with our stock 600mm high x 610mm wide sliding windows)
  • Satinlite
  • Matelux
  • Spotswood
  • 6.38mm Translucent laminate
  • Grey Matelux (like the 4mm Matelux, but with a grey tint)

Timber Reveals

Our standard sizes include:

  • 81mm (recommended to suit a 70mm stud with weatherboard cladding);
  • 98mm (recommended to suit a 90mm stud with weatherboard cladding);
  • 116mm (recommended to suit a 70mm stud with single brick cladding);
  • 138mm (recommended to suit a 90mm stud with single brick cladding)

These are just our standard sizes - we can get pretty much any size quoted. If you're unsure as to what size you need, it wouldn't hurt to go without, as they can be aquired in a variety of sizes from various hardware stores, and can be attached prior to installation.

They will also add +40mm to the height and width of windows, but only +20mm to the height of sliding doors, and +40mm to the width of sliding doors.

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