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We have prepared this guide below to help you determine which type of window(s) will suit your needs in terms of aesthetics, functionality and budget.

All properties have an architectural style that makes them unique. Whether contemporary or traditional, it is important that you choose windows to match the architectural style and provide the right functionality for each location. 
There are several types of windows available and each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to performance and price.

Other considerations include:

Size: How big do you require your product? We work in millimetres and sizes are given height by width.

Frame colour: Do you want the window(s) to be a feature or to blend in with the surrounding wall space both interior and exterior?

Configuration: When viewed from the outside, looking in how did you want your product configured (e.g. sliding direction).

Glass type: Do you require clear glass or would a light or dark tinted glass suit your application better? Does a particular window in a bathroom or toilet need to be obscure for privacy?

Timber reveals: Do you require timber reveals around your product? Different timber reveal sizes will suit different wall thicknesses and external cladding. If you are unsure it is recommended to talk to your builder. Timber reveals can always be added to your product on site by your builder.

Safety: Window related accidents and security risks can be a major concern, especially for small children, around pool areas or on second stories. Choose added safety features like restricted openings, locking systems, safety screens and safety glass.

Screens: Do you require fly screens to keep out insects or safety screens (diamond grill screens) for more of a barrier against potential intruders?

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