Opening Up Indoor-Outdoor Living with Stacking Sliding Doors in Brisbane

Stacking Sliding Doors in Brisbane

Stacking sliding doors can be side opening or centre opening and they are a popular choice for architects, builders and Brisbane homeowners, or anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle with innovative home design. The glass panels stack over one another when open to provide ample space.

This article will explore the transformative power and benefits of stacking sliding doors, along with considerations for choosing the right door, and how you can use these doors in different Brisbane homes to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living environment.

Benefits of stacking sliding doors for Brisbane homes

Whether they’re centre opening or side opening, one of the greatest benefits of stacking sliding doors is their size. With so much glass, your living space will never be dark and gloomy, even with the doors closed, as stacking doors vastly increase natural light during the day.

Open the doors wide and let that cool summer breeze come wafting inside to keep your home naturally cool. Save money on electricity as you likely won’t need to use your air conditioner or fan with stacking doors installed.

Brisbane has fantastic weather most of the year round, so do what you can to take full advantage of the climate. These innovative doors will open up your living space, whether it’s a lounge room, kitchen or even a bedroom. With the sliding doors fully open, you will expand your space, connect with the outdoors and nature, and enhance indoor-outdoor entertaining.

sliding stacker door

Considerations for choosing stacking doors

With two types of stacking doors available in our range, centre opening doors are the larger of the two options.

  • These doors have six panels with two fixed on either end and four panels that open left and right from the centre.
  • Side opening stacker doors have three panels, with one fixed panel and two sliding panels.

Choose the centre opening doors if you have ample wall space. Otherwise, side opening doors are great for smaller walls. With side opening doors, you can choose a configuration where they either open from the left or right, enabling you to select the best option depending on your home’s design.

Stacking doors keep the cold draft out in winter, maintaining warmth within the home. In summer, open them up to keep your interior pleasantly cool. They are energy efficient all year round. Stacking doors come with an inbuilt locking system to keep your home safe and secure.

Examples of how stacking sliding doors can be used in different Brisbane homes

Stacking sliding doors will make a versatile and stylish addition to a variety of different homes in Brisbane.

  • In classic Queenslander homes, stacker doors act as a gateway between indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as maximising natural light and ventilation. If you’re renovating a Queenslander, stacking doors will certainly add a contemporary touch.
  • The addition of these doors in modern apartments will enhance the overall appearance, creating an open and airy atmosphere that marries well with a chic urban lifestyle.
  • Transform courtyards and outdoor barbecue areas into dynamic environments, allowing easy access from a kitchen to your outdoor space.
  • Brisbane is home to many waterfront properties and you want to take full advantage of the spectacular scenery. Providing panoramic views, installing stacker sliding doors ensures you won’t miss a moment of your picturesque surroundings.

No matter what style of home you have, stacking doors are a versatile and modern solution for homeowners, builders and designers in Brisbane.

4 home design tips for stacking sliding doors

Before making a decision on stacking sliding doors for your home or project, here are some quick tips to note first:

  • Consider the layout and size of your wall space before deciding on centre opening or side opening doors.
  • Design your build with stacking doors in mind so you can take full advantage of the right aspect. For example, facing east to enjoy the morning sunshine. The direction of the breeze will also be something to think about.
  • Door frames need to be made from a durable material to withstand Brisbane’s varied climate. Aluminium frames are generally the best option.
  • Consider connecting living rooms or kitchens to outdoor areas such as patios, outdoor dining, decks and barbecue areas and install stacking doors in these locations.
  • We also recommend having a sturdy flyscreen sliding door installed over the opening part, to keep pests out of your home.

Consult with your local experts

A&D Discount Building Supplies (QLD) is your local supplier of quality stacking sliding doors. Explore the possibilities of installing these doors in your Brisbane home and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have amassed over a hundred 5-star Google reviews from satisfied customers, so you can count on us for all your building supplies and timely advice.