How Aluminium Energy-Efficient Windows Can Save You Money

Energy-Efficient Windows

Ensuring energy efficiency in your home is something everyone should strive for. If you’re not looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient, you really should be. Electricity costs are constantly rising, so the more energy-efficient your Gold Coast home is, the lower those bills are going to be. Being conscious of energy consumption is also important for sustainability.

Windows can play a crucial role when it comes to your home’s overall energy performance, as the wrong windows can make your home hotter in summer and colder in winter. Therefore, selecting and installing energy-efficient windows is the solution. With just the right windows, you increase your chances of saving money on power bills. This article highlights the energy-efficient advantages of installing aluminium windows in Brisbane homes.

What are the advantages of using aluminium windows

Let’s take a look at four compelling reasons why aluminium windows are the best option for energy efficiency:

1. Thermal performance

We’ve established how windows play a pivotal role in your home’s climate control, as most types of windows don’t work well as insulation. However, this is where aluminium windows are different, as they offer superior thermal performance.

With advancements in technology and aluminium window construction, precision manufacturing provides a perfect fit with no gaps. This improved sealing significantly reduces heat transfer. Another smart innovation is thermal breaks inside the aluminium frame. A thermal break is a piece of material that separates the interior and exterior sections of the frame. This creates a layer of insulation.

To really take advantage of thermal performance, it’s a wise idea to select double-glazed aluminium windows for your Brisbane home. Double glazing keeps the heat out in summer and the warm air in during winter. It also helps keep the noise out. There is even an option for triple-glazed windows.

2. Durability and longevity

The beauty of aluminium is it’s cost-effective, lightweight and very durable. Its durability ensures the longevity of your aluminium windows. It also means the frames will maintain their structural integrity for many years, contributing to sustained energy performance.

Not only will aluminium windows save you money on your power bills, but they also save you money on maintenance costs. These window frames last considerably longer than timber frames or PVC frames. Therefore, it will be many years before you’ll need to consider replacing them.

3. Eco-friendly material

Playing our part to preserve the environment is something many of us are conscious of nowadays. For sustainability and doing our bit to save the planet, aluminium windows are the way to go.

Aluminium is an eco-friendly material and has a lower impact on the environment compared to other window materials. Aluminium's environmentally-friendly reputation is further enhanced by its recyclability. You can recycle all old aluminium window materials, so they never end up in landfill.

4. They look great

Aside from their thermal performance, durability and the fact that aluminium windows are eco-friendly, they are also very pleasing to the eye. Enhance the street appeal and value of your home by installing aluminium windows. The frames come in a variety of colours, so you’ll have no trouble matching them to your home’s colour scheme and decor.

How to choose the right aluminium windows for energy efficiency

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right aluminium windows for your Brisbane home:

  • Frame design: Choose frames that have several compartments internally (thermal breaks). You’ll also want to consider which colour frame works best for your house.
  • Glazing options: You have a few options when it comes to glass. Double-glazing is one option to consider. Another is low E-glass (low emissivity). A microscopically-thin layer of a thermal repellent material coats the outside of glass to repel heat. It’s transparent and won’t impede the views.
  • Gas-filled windows: Some double or triple-glazed windows contain gases such as argon or krypton. This gas acts as an added layer of insulation.
  • Proper window installation: Always have your aluminium windows installed by a professional to ensure a perfect fit for energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Seals & weatherstripping: To guarantee there is no leakage of air around the frames, high-quality seals and weatherstripping are essential.

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